shouts at you all excitedly because !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recently smashed through 260 followers and it has made me very emotional for some reason???????? who knows why it’s just a tear-evoking number wbu. but !!!!!!!! because of this lovely lil break through i’ve decided to fling a shitty edit together and do a follow forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ crowd cheers in distance ]

the fam

okay, i want to start off with these NERDS because holy god, i never thought i could become such fast friends with such amazing writers. these three fools have some of the best written, well thought out muses i have ever seen while roaming the rp world and to not follow them is an absolute crime in my book tbh. so yea, love the fam

consultingsister | goraveracer | fxgiens

the cr3w

here we have a group mostly compiled of andrew’s small nation of muses, though kayleigh gets a look in there too. these are the people that make me so so happy to be online and genuinely make roleplaying so much more fun. these are my baes and u should follow them all forever like i do/will bc babies

jackofspadesx // thexfox | lunaphased // drivesahearse // deadpeoplewhisperer // themermaidwearsprada | asecretgate | memiens | lamourhaine // iloveearthx | biirdbone | mencumbui | boundxbyxbelligerence // moneyxmaniac | godofrevelry // acountnotasaint | moneyforamask // lifescastaways // vescaturnox | deceptused | fidensxvenator | sacrillege | thisismycrown | man-dies-of-cold | venvtor | vigorouslyreticent | littlespyoflondon | secretsilksociety | rosie-harper | lizziewsmoran | linkedtogether | southerndistress // thexhound

[ anime gasp ] senpais

and here we find people i don’t roleplay with half as much as i want to. tbh i only follow people i roleplay with or else people i worship insanely from afar. we haven’t roleplayed yet?????????// then u kno which u are lil babes

exulantis | timidfelidae | aimlesslymaverick | abgeminae | bxttleofthebands | bitterlittlepills | saevatorva | ametdraco | taste-likedeath | rotteidioti | dyingfarfromthesea | canariios | ktenologys | ghouliish | ubiquitouscharm | nxymria | achroix | weakx | parapsyched | gemellimorti | parapsyched | destructiveglitch | fearmongrel | voluptxtem | bacchatus | backwoodnecromancy | periierat | cirocchio | apt218 | cxvetous | greenmxn

of course my dash wouldn’t be half as arctic monkeys-friendly if i didn’t follow a few dozen personal blogs, all of which i adore and secretly want to be pals with but that might be weird so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ye here are the babes
ihatealexturner | blondosonichellcat | acieedtrax | juliancoolsablancas | kissmybruises | araabella

i think i am doing the meme wrong but its 4 am and i am sure i am going to wake up 7 in the evening

A promo for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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"setiel is prob into bondage laughs hes probably not bye"

im going to cry peter why